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Emergency Dental Care 

in Manalapan, NJ

Tooth pain

Emergency dental care by an “America’s Best Dentist”

in Monmouth County NJ

Are you currently experiencing a dental emergency, such as

-  Tooth pain or sensitivity due to recession, fracture or decay

-  lost fillings or crowns
-  Periodontal (gum) irritations or abscesses
-  Tmj disorders / jaw joint pain
-  Infections

-  Cosmetic emergencies such as a broken front tooth, lost filling, veneer or crown

Regardless of the cause, severity, or type of pain or cosmetic issue you are experiencing we encourage you to contact our office right away at 732-792-0605 so that we may evaluate your problem promptly, address any discomfort, and provide treatment for you as appropriate.

Here's some helpful suggestions:

1. Don’t wait until pain or discomfort progresses and becomes severe to make an appointment; and

2. Call us right when our office hours start ( i.e. - don't wait until the end of the day to call!)  so that we can offer you more options for an emergency visit!

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